The mission of The Promise of Who is to live extraordinary lives of purpose, virtue, and service through personal renewal based on:

  • individual uniqueness
  • ​noble character
  • intrinsic drive
  • steadfast commitment

A native of Arkansas, Dr. Gunn completed his undergraduate degree at The University of Mississippi where he also lettered as student manager for the Ole Miss football program. While serving in a variety of youth ministries in the Dallas area, he completed a Master of Arts degree at Dallas Theological Seminary. He also earned both a Master of Education degree in guidance and counseling and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in higher education administration at The University of North Texas.

Lindsey enjoyed a nineteen-year career in the Plano (Texas) Independent School District as teacher, counselor, school administrator, and district administrator. Since then, he has supported clients as trainer, facilitator, and coach primarily in strategic planning for over twenty years.

The Promise of Who reflects Lindsey’s experiences and discoveries in athletics, ministry, education, business, counseling, consulting, and teaching. Consistent truths revealed throughout his variety of service arenas have crystallized as a foundation of life principles and dynamics. He finds fulfillment of his own promise in leading others to discover and apply truth and meaning in their own lives.

Lindsey and his wife, Mary, live in Oxford, Mississippi.