In This One-Day
Interactive Workshop Or Custom Presentation

  • Discover renewed passion, energy, and purpose

  • Develop depth beyond professional expertise
  • Strengthen personal attributes that transcend job descriptions

  • Bring the best you to every situation
  • Awaken your own Promise of Who


*Agendas will be adjusted for various audiences to ensure relevance and fitness. 

​Participants will engage in small groups to explore their unique blends of personal traits, compelling interests, innate capacities, and potential impact.​

Sample Agenda*

Welcome, introductions, and purpose The Nature of Who

Consider the complex wholeness of your extraordinary life.

The Dimensions of Who

Recognize the connected elements of your unique being.

The Qualities of Who

Identify desirable attributes to strengthen your presence.

The Significance of Who

Realize purpose, identify platforms, and renew energy to fulfill your Promise of Who.

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Workshops, presentations, and coaching are available for a variety of organizations and individuals.

  •  School systems, administrators, faculty, staff, and students
  • Colleges, universities, administrators, faculty, staff, and student groups
  •  Churches, other faith-based organizations, pastors, and leaders
  •  Service organizations, government agencies, and public officials
  •  Businesses, teams, and leaders